Monday, January 10, 2011


Okay - since 2005, the Doctor has made 4 banana references. One of them was from the Ninth Doctor (Have a banana. It's a good source of potassium,) and the other three were from the Tenth Doctor ("Always bring a banana to a party." The Tenth Doctor also, apparently, likes banana milkshakes. In Midnight, when the Doctor tried to stop Sky Silvestry from copying him, one of the things he mentioned to confuse her was a banana.)

But where is the Eleventh Doctor's banana reference? With the first two, they were in the first season of that Doctor's run. But so far, Matt Smith has not made a single banana reference. So, we're still waiting.

Perhaps the Doctor's love of bananas did not start with the Ninth Doctor. In The Two Doctors, the Sixth Doctor gave Peri a banana found on a space station. She stops eating it when she finds a dead Androgum nearby. Whether this is an example of banana love or just giving Peri something to eat is a mystery. He could have even been getting it away from him in utter repulsion!

When will Matt Smith declare, "I eat bananas now. Bananas are cool."?