About Us

This blog is a joint effort of a father-son pair of DOCTOR WHO fanatics.  Please allow us to take turns introducing ourselves:


.... I'm the son, and online I go by the name of Nitro-9.  I have been a fan of Doctor Who since 2005. The first Doctor Who episode I ever saw was Genesis of the Daleks (a noble start). I have to disagree with the saying "the first Doctor is your favorite Doctor," I just hadn't seen enough of Tom Baker to fully appreciate the tall, fun, scarf-wearing, pop-eyed figure.

My top five favorite Doctors are, in order, David Tennant (10), Peter Davidson (5), Matt Smith (11), Tom Baker (4), and Patrick Troughton (2).

My top five favorite Doctor Who episodes are (1) Human Nature/Family of Blood, (2) The Masque of Mandragora, (3) The Keeper of Trakken, (4) The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, (5) The Christmas Invasion. 

If I were a companion of the Doctor, I probably wouldn't get past the scary, gross, freaky stuff. I probably would die on my first trip by being clumsy (I do that), or get scared to death by a terrifying alien monster.


.... Okay, my turn -- I'm the father, and online I go by the name of Prof. Chronotis.  When I was in my early teens I bought a copy of Famous Monsters of Filmland (long since lost, alas) that featured a photo of a gigantic ant confronted by two attractive young people.  At the time I thought that was one of the most thrilling things I'd ever seen, and I wanted to know more!   The article told all about this British show that I'd probably never get to see.   If my memory serves, there were also photos of Sensorites, Daleks (with Ogrons), and the Axons.  From that time on I was desperate to actually see an episode of this series!  In retrospect it seems funny to me that I was drawn to the show by its monsters -- I don't remember reading or seeing anything in that magazine about the Doctor himself.

I'd eventually get to see the adventures of the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Doctors, thanks to the PBS affiliate at the school where I did my MFA studies.  I loved Jon Pertwee and Peter Davidson, but it was that wonderful chemistry between Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen that made me a die-hard fan.  Well, that plus a certain passel of scripts, namely the now-legendary Season Fourteen (1976-77):   The Masque of Mandragora  -- The Hand of Fear -- The Deadly Assassin  -- The Face of Evil  -- The Robots of Death -- and best of all,  The Talons of Weng-Chiang.   And only a few months earlier, they'd aired The Brain of Morbius -- probably my favorite episode of all time.   Glory days indeed!

When I left Illinois I got "out of touch" with the Doctor -- in fact, I met Colin Baker at a convention but didn't know who he was.   But when the new series began in 2005, I started a campaign of catching up on all I've missed.  My son was nine years old then -- the perfect age to join me on this voyage of endless discovery and re-discovery ...