Why Krillitane?

It may seem odd that we've named this blog after the villains of SCHOOL REUNION. But there is method to our madness!

See, in that episode we learn that the physical appearance of the Krillitane keep changing as time goes by, because they take on the best physical features of the races they conquer. Well, we're not out to conquer anybody (in fact we doubt anyone will ever even notice us) but we do want this blog to make use of the best features of something else -- and that is, naturally, DOCTOR WHO.

We're not interested in posting news or rumors, or in limiting ourselves to writing reviews of episodes, or in building a wiki of trivia. Instead we want to talk about the larger concepts in the series, both in the scripted world of the show and in the larger world of the show's cultural impact.  That's what we consider the "best features," the ones worth adopting as our own.

That's the plan, anyway. We'll see what happens!